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Sound Healing - How To Use Sound To Beat Stress & Anxiety - Farzana Ali

An accessible guide to the next big thing in self-care: sound healing. Taking a science-based approach, it provides lessons and exercises to beat stress and anxiety.

Discover how sound can help you overcome stress and anxiety.

Taking a science-based approach which explores the impact of sound on your body and mind, popular sound healer Farzana Ali presents this accessible guide to using sound for self-care.

We already use sound as a form of healing, from self-soothing with music to immersing ourselves with the noises of nature to promote calm. This book provides the natural next step, showing you how to realize the many benefits of working with sound, from better sleep to pain management, and from dealing with stress to reducing anxiety.

Farzana shares practical tips and everyday activities with advice on extra tools, including active listening, art therapy, breath work, journaling exercises and visualizations. It also provides access to a sound healing recording that you can use for your practice, delivering the therapeutic potential of sound for whenever you need it most.

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