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Red Jasper Wand

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Red Jasper is a grounding and sturdy stone. The deep red colour indicates the connection to the Earth. A great stone to start peeling off the layers of stress and tension.

If you are feeling:

  • Tired and overwhelmed
  • Stressing from responsibilities 
  • Depleted and desperate
  • Tension in your upper back


  • A weight lifted off the shoulders
  • A deeper breath
  • Relaxation
  • Feeling strong, capable and motivated

How to use

  • Hold it in the palm of your left hand (and in both sides if you have 2)
  • Find a comfortable seated position.
  • Imagine yourself dropping roots in the ground and the Earth and feel yourself more and more supported.

P.S. Red Jasper is great to incorporate into your tea ritual if you have a tea practice.

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