Supernatural HRBLS

Supernatural HRBLS | Happy Hour


HRBLS are supernatural herbal gummies. Portable, potent, and plant-based—each gummy is infused with a special blend of plant-based extracts and whole-food ingredients for a serving of herbal wellness anytime. HRBLS are shelf-stable and 100% natural. They're made for busy humans who want herbs that can keep up—modern, natural treatments that are convenient, healthy, straightforward and effective.

HAPPY HOUR | Mood support gummy for uplift, connection and enjoyment Herbal bliss for making any hour happy hour. Featuring herbalism's most euphoric and good-mood-making ingredients.

Why: For a bit of bliss, that warm fuzzy feeling, and an all-natural buzz that supports always good vibes. Like an internal smile.

When: Happy hour, after-hours, pre-game, or any time you want to smile. Think of Happy Hour as your better-than-booze BFF.

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