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Herbal Koffee: Immunity


💙 Immunity: Herbal Koffee 
Start your day with our delicious Original blend. An all-natural coffee alternative with zero caffeine.
Zero sugar or sweetener.*

120g pack: makes 20 cups

☕️ A high-grade coffee alternative made with roasted chicory, ancient grains and organic functional mushrooms.

🤸 A delicious, smooth, roasted taste for sustained natural energy, better digestion and zero caffeine.

🧋 Soluble beverage. Enjoy hot or iced, just add 3 parts water, 1 part milk and stir.

*Please note we have updated this original recipe by adding the beautiful mushroom Maitake, instead of Chaga. It's just as delicious and with just as many healthy benefits 🙌


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