Hackney Herbal Tea

Rest & De-Stress Blend - Hackney Herbal Tea


Lemon verbena, lime blossom, passionflower & oat straw.

A restorative blend to remedy stress and burnout.

This blend combines gentle and supportive herbs that can help to restore balance in stressed, overworked and tired bodies. Passionflower is a gentle sedative herb that can help those suffering with anxiety, particularly for minds which are full of thoughts that refuse to quieten. Oat straw is a nervine herb that is especially effective at repairing nerve damage caused by prolonged periods of stress. Lime blossom is calming, relaxing and an anti-depressant. Lemon verbena is sweet, sedative and soothing.

Loose leaf herbal infusion packed by hand in Hackney using organically sourced dried herbs. Infuse in hot water for 10-15 minutes before enjoying. Infusing for less time will give a lighter tasting tea. We recommend 1 heaped teaspoon per cup. For a stronger infusion use two teaspoons.

All our herbs are sourced from certified organic growers.

30g pack // approx 15 servings

Comes in a starch lined pouch (plastic-free)

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