The Sun 2.0 - Palo Santo


Palo Santo has been used for centuries by the indigenous people of the Andes for purifying, cleansing, and banishing negative energies. The powerful smoke from this Holy Wood is a favourite amongst creatives. It's especially helpful to burn when one needs to focus. 


This crystal brings you into energetic alignment with your best + highest good + helps create whatever reality you are focusing on. SELENITE cleanses + protects EVERYTHING. You can even use it to cleanse other crystals and it never needs to be charged. Please note, the crystal is very sensitive and splinters easily. Also, it should never be submerged in water as SELENITE will dissolve.

Place your wand on top of your electronics at night or in between emails and calls to reset and cleanse the lines of communication. ENERGY IS REAL - setting the intention of clear and easy communication and using our wands as support will bring about greater ease during this time.

Four sticks each about 4" long + one 3” raw selenite wand

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