Speak Your Truth Aroma Roller

A delightful pulse point that has a rich, grounding scent which combines the 'Mothers of Aromatherapy' – Rose and Sandalwood, with a hint of sweet, uplifting vanilla. The resulting flowery scent is harmonising and sensuous. It helps to carry you into a positive dimension where anything is possible. ROSE DAMASCENA – believed to be Loving and soothing. Rose Damascena and rose geranium oils are believed to help soothe emotions and help to restore feminine balance. It is especially useful to help alleviate anxiety and restore trust. SANDALWOOD – The oil of the Yogi’s. Sandalwood is believed to be spiritual that resonates with the soul centre. It helps connect our physical body with our meditative being, to instil a deep sense of inner unity and peace. NUMBER 77 is a number of positive energy, which tells you to expect miracles in your life.

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