Rock & Ritual

High Vibes Reiki Mist

Our original aromatherapy mist has been handcrafted to attune to each elemental mood, guiding you in exploring rituals, meditation and a more soul-led lifestyle. A favourite of yoga teachers, studios and energy practitioners, this multi-dimensional mist can be used as a space shifter, energy cleanser, crystal charger, mat or room spray or as an on-body fragrance. We have always loved using ours during sound bathing, meditation classes and to prepare our intentional space. HIGH VIBES - evocative of the AIR element, High Vibes is aimed squarely at the third eye, a gentle blend of heady frankincense, holy palo santo and gentle, heart opening rose. Finished with clarifying Herkimer diamond/clear quartz and perfect for opening meditation or mantra practice. 100% natural ingredients Pure essential oils Distilled water base Reiki charged Crystal chips Recycled & recyclable packaging Handmade in our Cornwall studio

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