Evermore London

Light Candle - Rapeseed & Soy


Founded in 2014 in London, Evermore use a carefully curated blend of vegan waxes and luxury scents to create beautiful and thoughtful candles for your home. Sustainability is at the centre of their brand - they consistently support non-profit campaigns, whilst also working towards offsetting carbon, water and waste. Every candle is poured in a recycled glass jar, and even the packaging is FSC certified and recyclable. Every candle is hand-poured and each scent is created to reflect our natural world - fragrances inspired by night skies, forest spaces, summer afternoons, open seas and more. We recommend lighting your candle during home meditations to enhance visualisation and whisk your mind away to a dreamy oasis.

Light Candle

Infused with bright citrus notes of bergamot, grapefruit and petitgrain over a beautiful base of rosewood.
Burn time: 60 hours
Wax: Vegan rapeseed & soy

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