KÄÄPÄ Mushrooms

KÄÄPÄ Mushrooms - Reishi extract tincture (100% organic, Finnish)

KÄÄPÄ Mushrooms Reishi extract (Ganoderma lucidum). Grown, processed, packaged in Finland. We use PEFC/FCA certified Finnish birch as a growing substrate to create a potent reishi dual extract. We’re fully organic. To extract reishi, we use Ultrasonic Assisted Extraction (UAE) technology: this breaks the mushroom cell wall made of chitin. Chitin is a super strong material that can be partially broken with alcohol extraction, but to fully extract those precious compounds in reishi f.ex. triterpenes, we need technology. NOTICE: we only use mushroom fruiting bodies, which creates an honest mushroom product! • 100% from Finland
 • Organic! 
• Only fruiting bodies 
• No grains, fillers
 When to use KÄÄPÄ Mushrooms Reishi Soma?: An hour before bed! Dosage: KÄÄPÄ Mushrooms tinctures are the leaders of mushroom extracts. Always start with smaller dosages, and work your way up. Recommended maximum daily dosage is 2ml (3x pipette).

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