Hackney Herbal Tea

Breathe Blend - Hackney Herbal Tea


Peppermint, echinacea & sage.

A savoury blend for colds, sore throats and an immune system boost. Echinacea can shorten the duration of a cold and help the bodies natural defence. Sage is highly antiseptic and is a useful herb for sore throats and mouth ulcers.

Loose leaf herbal infusion packed by hand in Hackney using organically sourced dried herbs. Infuse in hot water for at least 5 minutes before enjoying. We recommend 1 heaped teaspoon per cup. For a stronger infusion use two teaspoons.

30g pack // approx 15 servings

Comes in a starch lined pouch (plastic free)

Herbs sourced from certified organic growers.

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