Moondust - Chamomile, Lavender & Coconut Herbal Tea Infusion

Dash of lavender, sprinkle of coconut, two pinches of chamomile.. *POOF* Let me present you every Witch's favourite potion! Prince turned out to be a frog? Flying broom refuses to work? Your cat started to ignore you? The solution is simple and sweet - Just turn on your magic kettle and.. Welcome to the moon! Hold onto that pointy hat of yours.. You probably don't remember wearing those bunnyslippers before, huh? It's seriously coconutty. We applied some super lovely coconut flavouring on top of that classic chamomile/lavender combo. You can smell it, you can taste it - we're serious! The colours of this drink actually change over time (which really adds to the story!). First you can see this lavender blue which shifts to quiet and oily chamomile yellow after a couple of minutes. Pack of 15 tea bag.
Made in United Kingdom

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