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Box of 20 Chakra Chocolates, including all of our flavours.

An assortment of healthy nut and seed butter squares, enrobed in raw dark chocolate and microdosed with functional botanicals. 

2x 🥜 Peanut Butter & Smoked Salt
2x 🥥 Toasted Coconut & Turmeric Spice Mix
2x 🖤 Black Tahini & Chai
2x 🌾 Genmaicha (Green Tea with Crunchy Brown Rice)
2x 🍵 Cashew & Matcha
2x ☕️ Walnut and Coffee
2x ✨ Ginger & Red Pepper
2x 🍒 Sour Cherries
1x 💜 Wild Lavender & Macadamia
1x 💚 Mint & Jasmine
1x 🌰 Hazelnut & Rose
1x 🌿 Hemp Butter & Carob

Only 2g of sugar or less per Chakra, from dates.

Our Chakra Chocolates are low in sugar, keto-friendly and have minimal effect on blood sugar levels. 

20 x 20g

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