Breath Practice Cards by Rebecca Moore

Breath Practice Cards provide an uplifting, screen-free introduction to breathwork with simple and easy-to-follow exercises and meditations beautifully and accessibly presented on individual cards. In the accompanying book, explore the origins, science and benefits of this age-old method made popular by Wim Hof and find simple sequences to create your own mindful breathwork practice.

Each card, 
gorgeously illustrated with inspiring and inclusive artworks from @madebyralu, includes directions of how to practice a specific technique. The cards include exercises to:
  • Focus, including grounding and re-centering Humming Bee Breath and Box Breathing
  • Relax, including calming and restorative Hugging Break and Lunar Breathing
  • Elevate, including energising and uplifting Sunshine Breath and Heart-Smiling Breath
  • Release, including cleansing and clearing Roaring Lion’s Breath and Open Ocean Breath
  • Connect, including harmonising and meditative Gratitude Breath and Chakra Balancing Breath

Pick a card when you wake up to energise or before you go to bed to unwind, or just throughout your day when you need a mindful moment.

This set is a must-have resource for modern well-being.

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