Alexis Smart

Pathos - For Empaths


This Alexis Smart remedy is godsent for highly sensitive people and those with a highly empathic soul. You may feel ungrounded or too fragile, making you susceptible to the energy of others. Perhaps you are quickly exhausted and deeply touched by other people's suffering. If so, using this formula may help you centre yourself, relax your nervous system, and defend against outside influences. It may help you keep your energy boundaries intact and develop sympathy rather than empathic traits.

Pathos benefits

  • Sympathetic (maintain boundaries)
  • Protection from unwanted influences 
  • Knowing what’s yours and what’s not
  • Calm nervous system 
  • Grounded

If you feel:

  • Empathetic (feel others pain)
  • Highly sensitive
  • Ungrounded
  • Easily drained
  • You absorb people's energy
  • Over-giving
  • Other's suffering affects you deeply

Alexis Smart flower remedies are an essential for us always. Alexis is incredibly passionate about homeopathy - she formulates all of her remedies from her studio in Joshua Tree, and sources all flowers from the UK. Each formula contains seven different flower essences, and they are designed to ease a range of emotional and mental blockages, such as anxiety, stress, heartbreak, among many others. When things get a bit crazy and our anxieties are sky high, Alexis Smart always helps bring us back to the ground.


Pick the flower remedy that most relates to your feelings and emotional state overall, at the moment. If some of the symptoms listed do not pertain to you, the formula will still be effective in treating the symptoms you do have. An inappropriate remedy will not hurt or cause adverse reaction.


Take 4 drops, 4 times a day under the tongue.
1 bottle is a 1 month supply if taken as directed. 


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