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Rainbow Fluorite Tower

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Fluorite rainbows are very happy, inspiring stones. They bring fluidity and spark into your daily life. Perfect when you are craving more direction in life and are trying to make sense of things. It truly helps you find more meaning, almost like jumping on a wave in the ocean of life. 


If you are feeling:

  • That life is a struggle
  • Nothing brings you joy
  • Bored and sluggish
  • Tired of your routine


  • A sense of being in the flow
  • Creative spark
  • More excitement
  • Getting out of the funk

How. to use:

  • Place the crystal next to you when doing some breathwork. You can also hold it in the palm of your hand.
  • Open your mouth and breath into your belly, then your heart and exhale. It's called a 3 part breath! Stomach - heart - out! Try this meditation here if you need more guidance.

Source: Mongolia 

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