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Raw Blue Kyanite


When I was sitting with raw Kyanite feeling into the energy of the stone, I kept getting images of angels and specifically archangel Michael in my head. Later I googled it, and funnily enough, it turns out archangel Micahel's sword is made out of blue Kyanite.

Kyanite has very uplifting and joyous energy. It has a connection with angels and spirit guides. I believe it is beautiful for anyone wanting to feel into their intuitive relationships with the universe.

If you are feeling:

  •  Disconnected
  •  Lost without a cause
  •  Needing a sign from the universe
  •  Disembodied


  • Spiritual awakening
  • Upleveling
  • Healing trauma
  • Clearing residual negative feelings and emotion

How to use:

  • You can hold the raw stone or set it next to your candle or journal before you meditate. You can also place it on your heart or solar plexus if you are lying down.
  • Listen to a guided chord clearing or cutting meditation. You can try this one with Aisha here.

Source: Nepal

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