The Raven - LIMITED Cleanse + Protect Spray


This is THE RAVEN - a LIMITED Cleanse + Protect Spray for the Spring.

THE RAVEN is one of the Allies for 2022. They traverse this 3D reality and the ethereal realms with great ease. This bird can easily navigate intense, stormy weather with enjoyment. Invite the RAVEN to be your teacher. It will help you transform fear into excitement and bring some much-needed play into your everyday routines.

Spray this magically-charged crystal infused spray and any bad vibes will vanish with a quickness. Leaving behind only peace of mind and peace of heart. Uses:

  • Linens

  • Room Spray

  • Office Freshener

  • Energetic Pick-Me-Up

Peruvian Agua de Florida by Lanman & Kemp is known for its cleansing propensities. It has a fresh, crisp scent that does not linger for too long. It uplifts the energy in any room it is sprayed in and can even be used on the body because it's non-toxic! We add our own blend of unique essential oils and then charge this spray with reiki and BLACK TOURMALINE crystals (which are actually left in your bottle), under an auspicious planetary timing.

Uses: general room cleansing (think smudging, minus the smoke), freshening up bed linens and towels, removing dull energy, refreshing the senses, and more. The scent is light with citrus and clove notes. It comes in a beautiful reusable Miron Violet glass spray bottle. Enjoy!

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