Mesquite Tarot

Mesquite Tarot Deck


The power of tarot is unshakeable. At a time where it feels like the world is full of ambivalence, we turn to tarot to give us the answers that we already know deep down in our soul. The simple act of adding tarot into our morning routines helps us feel grounded and in tune with the day ahead. The Mesquite Tarot Deck, designed and created independently in the USA, is a gentle and charming tarot deck filled with dreamy illustrated scenes and ideas. If you’re new to tarot and are looking to take the opportunity now to learn, this deck is a great place to start. One of the beauties of tarot is the freedom it provides you - with practice, you can find ways of using it that allow your creativity and intuition to thrive. A beautiful gift idea for a loved one.


  • 78-card deck. Cards: 2.25″ x 3.5″ smooth gloss cards printed on 350 GSM card stock. Poker-sized cards ideal for smaller hands!
  • Simple printed cloth pouch to hold your Mesquite Tarot cards.
  • Does not include guidebook.

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