Catherine Rising

Pine Meadow Smudge Stick


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Created with love by Catherine Rising, a wellness brand based in New York. This smudge stick is hand-wrapped using pine, lavender, straw flowers, a rose and a stick of palo santo and tied with vintage ribbon.

How to use a smudge stick:
  • First, set your intention - for example, if you are looking to cleanse a space of negative energy, hold this thought in your mind. This is integral to the process.
  • Open a window - this will allow the negative energy to leave the room, and will also make sure it doesn't get too smoky!
  • Hold the end of the smudge stick in the flame of a burning candle, or use a matchstick. You could also pick smaller parts out of the stick, and burn these individually instead - e.g. burn the palo santo separately.
  • Allow the flame to sit for a few seconds, before blowing it out gently. Let the fumes flow and spread around your safe spaces, and prepare for a fresh start and positive vibes.

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